Worthless JPEGs: Redditor turns NFT criticism into NFTs

Redditor Yuri made it his mission, to change the tide on NFT critics. He created a collection of the most anti-NFT comments he found online.

Reddit user busterrulezzz posted the NFT collection entitled Worthless JPEGs! In an effort to entertain crypto enthusiasts, while the space’s critics are celebrating the coming of spring, busterrulezzz posted the NFT collection titled Worthless JPEGs! Redditor compiled quotes from Redditors as well as famous critics such Warren Buffet, Peter Schiff, and Dan Olson and made them into NFTs.

One of the NFTs in the collection. Source: stratosnft.io

Redditor also stated that this was a move to document the hatred in the blockchain space and mock non-believers. They wrote:

“With this collection I aim to summarize the views of skeptics about NFTs. Capturing an era that will be studied for many decades to come.

Redditor claims that the signatures of the quotes pay homage to trolling, which is very common in the blockchain ecosystem. They also noted that nonfungible tokens, NFTs, contain hidden easter eggs that point towards the Ethereum blockchain.

The creator of the NFT Collection also stated that they follow experts’ advice to build during bear markets. They wrote, “They said to build something during bear market. So I did.”

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Unique NFT projects are appearing as the bear market continues. Google’s artificial intelligence software (AI) was used earlier in August to transform Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs from machine-made abstract paintings. According to its creators, the project was called Artsy Monke. It combines technology and art.

Ahren Posthumus, a NFT expert, stated that the best time to buy NFTs is when prices are low. The expert advised investors to be careful when choosing projects to invest in.

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