Wife of arrested Tornado Cash dev forbidden to speak with him — Rally organized

Ksenia Malik is the wife of Tornado Cash creator AlexeyPertsev Wife. She has attacked Dutch authorities for treating her husband as a “dangerous criminal” after his arrest last week.

Pertsev was arrested by the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service FIOD on August 12 for allegedly using an Ethereum-based privacy tool in order to conceal criminal financial flows and launder money.

Cointelegraph spoke to Malik, who confirmed Pertsev is still in the Dutch hands and that he has not been able to contact him since his release.

Malik stated that Pertsev is being held in prison “as if he were dangerous criminal”, as she expressed concern at Pertsev’s arrest without warning for what she considers a harmless act.

“It’s very surprising to me that someone can be arrested for writing open-source code.

Malik stated that she cannot “only guess what he’s doing and how hard it is for him right currently” because the Dutch authorities have totally barred her (or anyone) from any contact with him.

Malik may feel helpless, but she doesn’t have to be. 1inch, aggregator of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), organized a rally at Amsterdam on Aug. 20 to support Pertsev as well as to advocate for the rights of developers to create open-source software.

1inch has been vocal about the matter. He stated that Pertsev’s arrest threatens to “create dangerous precedents” and could “kill all open-source software segments” if developers are held accountable for any software they make that is misused.

1. Is it really a crime for an open-source #blockchain programmer today? Alex Pertsev needs your help to get out of prison! Sign the petition: https://t.co/r5sdHaYKCN#FreeAlex #OpenSourceNotACrime #DeFi Why is it important pic.twitter.com/CqqD4Ds8AQ
August 18, 2022 — 1inch Network (@1inch).

Malik expressed gratitude to 1inch for their efforts, and the wider crypto community. It proves that people really do care.

Malik hopes that Pertsev’s injustice will be brought to the forefront and the rally will also influence public opinion about open-source software.

“We are trying to get publicity so as many people as we can about the arrests and the reasons behind them. This accusation can have serious consequences for open-source developers and other individuals.

Pertsev’s arrest can’t be ignored. Kevin O’Leary, a venture capitalist, stated that Tornado Cash and crypto privacy tools are part of a “crypto cowboy culture” that “messs with the primal forces regulation.” Pertsev’s arrest was described by O’Leary as a necessary one.

He said, “If we must sacrifice him, that’s okay. We want some stability in that institution capital.”

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The U.S.Office of Foreign Asset Control had previously banned Americans from using Tornado Cash since Aug. 8, amid growing concerns that the currency was being used for money laundering. According to the U.S. Treasury, Tornado Cash is believed to have facilitated money laundering activities worth more than $7 billion since Pertsev founded Tornado Cash in 2019.

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