Was the first reply to the Bitcoin White Paper Satoshi himself? In-depth theory

There have been many theories about Satoshi Natamoto’s identity since he disappeared in 2011.

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto (Hal Finney), Nick Szabo, Craig Wright, and Nick Szabo are all possible candidates (even though CSW is the primary person pushing this theory).

After months of research, Quantum Economics’ Director for Gamefi Research Gerald Votta believes he has finally found the truth to Satoshi’s identity. It is Canadian cryptographer James A. Donald. Votta presented compelling circumstantial evidence that he believes supports the link in a Nov. 17 research article.

Votta was intrigued by Donald’s first comment on 2008’s Bitcoin White Paper. Votta stated that the “almost instantaneous timing” was “very suspicious,” which led him to “look deeper into his [Donald]’s] lives.”

Cointelegraph was informed by him:

“It’s almost impossible.” Donald comments on the Bitcoin White Paper minutes after it was posted. He also asks such a specific question about Satoshi. How can you read the White Paper and analyze it in three minutes? It’s almost impossible.

Votta said that Donald fit the bill to a T: “Not only was Donald an advanced understand of computers, programming and cryptography but he was also well versed in economics and history. I was able to connect him with Satoshi Nakamoto through his words.

This theory is not new. Bruno Kucinskas, a user on a Bitcoin forum, posted the same evidence in 2014. This sparked a discussion. One user suggested that the timestamps differ between archives. Another suggested that the time zones could be different, which would raise questions about the length of the reply and the post.

It is possible that Satoshi or Donald had spoken privately before posting the question/response publicly. Votta said to Cointelegraph that he’d read all the counterarguments but that his evidence speaks for itself. He pointed out that only the website for Donald’s Crypto Kong project is “literally Bitcoin incarnate”.

Votta researched Crypto Kong, which uses elliptic curve cryptography for electronic signatures. He wrote that “this particular program is eerily similar to the foundational base of Bitcoin”. Votta’s blog post explores similarities between the information on this site and the White Paper.

The details of Crypto Kong are available on the echeque website. “echeque.com”, which was the domain of Donald’s email “[email protected]”, is also contained on the echeque.com website. Votta said that Donald sent Satoshi an email from this address at least once.

Further evidence is provided by the Crypto Kong page of the echeque website. A reduced example of Kong can be seen on the right side, along with a digital signature that matches the one sent from Satoshi Nakamoto to the thirty-fourth character.

If he were Donald, why would Satoshi have a conversation with himself at two different addresses? Votta believes that this tactic was used to maintain anonymity and spark contrarian views on Bitcoin.

Email correspondence between Satoshi & Donald Source metzdowd

He also supported his claim by supporting it with evidence gathered through an analysis of the written language Satoshi used.”

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Satoshi claims that Satoshi has an “excellent grasp not only of the English language but also North American English”. This means that Satoshi was likely born in the U.S.A., U.K., or in a former British colony.

Satoshi, for example, uses “Chancellor” in place of British spelling “favour.”

He was also able to link Satoshi and Donald via the unusual use of the term “Chaumian” in an email reply about Digicash patents, Aug. 3, 2003. Satoshi used the same word in an email reply on February 11, 2009.

“The mystery was solved.” Votta stated that it is unlikely that two people could have the same credentials, an understanding of North American culture and language, and almost the same White Paper.

Mati Greenspan, founder of Quantum Economics, said Gerard and Charles Bovaird, VP content, had worked on the research for several months. They “ensured that proper research practices were followed and that information sourcing was done properly.”

He said that the reaction to the post since its publication had been “outstanding”.

“It’s far and away one of our most loved research pieces, and we still get incredible feedback from industry vets.”

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