Warning: Smartphone text prediction guesses crypto hodler’s seed phrase

Seed phrases are a random selection of words from the Bitcoin Improvement Protocol 39 list of 2048 words that act as a primary layer of security to prevent unauthorized access by unauthorised persons to crypto holdings. What happens if your smart phone’s predictive typing recalls the words and suggests them next time you attempt to access your digital wallet.

Andre, a German IT professional aged 33, posted recently on the r/CryptoCurrency forum after discovering that his phone could predict the entire recovery phrase from the moment he wrote the first word.

Andre posted the following warning to crypto enthusiasts and fellow Redditors:

This makes it simple to attack. Get a phone and open any chat app. Type any words from the BIP39 list and then see what the phone suggests.

Andre, also known as u/Divinux, on Reddit shared his shock at his first phone correctly guessing the 12-24-word seed phrase. “First, it was shocking. “The first two words might have been a coincidence.

The German crypto investor, a tech-savvy individual was able reproduce the scenario in which his phone accurately predicted the seed phrases. Realizing the potential dangers of the information being sent to the wrong people, the German crypto investor decided to tell others about it. It’s possible that others have also typed seeds into their phones.

Andre’s experiments proved that Google’s GBoard is the most vulnerable, as it did not correctly predict every word. Microsoft’s Swiftkey keyboard, however, was able to correctly predict the seed phrase straight out of the box. If “Auto replace” or “Suggest text corrections”) have been manually activated, the Samsung keyboard can also predict the words.

Andre started with crypto in 2015, when he lost interest for a while before realizing that he could purchase goods and services using Bitcoin (BTC), and other cryptocurrencies. His investment strategy includes purchasing and staking BTC as well as altcoins like Terra (LUNA), Algorand(ALGO), and Tezoss (XTZ), and “then-dollar-cost averaging into BTC when/if the moon” as a hobby.

Andre suggests that you store your long-term and significant holdings in a physical wallet to protect yourself from possible hacks. Redditors around the globe are advised by Andre to “not your keys, not your coins”, do their research and never send more than you can afford to lose. Also, double-check the address before you send, disable your PMs in settings, and always send a small amount ahead.

Clear your predictive type cache to do yourself a favor and stop it from happening.

Security experts warn that STEPN impersonators are stealing seed phrases from users

PeckShield, a blockchain security firm, warned crypto users about phishing sites targeting Web3 Lifestyle App STEPN.

#PeckShieldAlert @phishing PeckShield detected a bath full of @Stepnofficial Phishing sites. They will insert a fake Metamask browser extension that can steal your seed phrase, prompt you to connect your wallets, or offer a “Claim!” giveaway. @Metamask @Coinbase @WalletConnect @phantom pic.twitter.com/cmWUcprMAN
— PeckShieldAlert, @PeckShieldAlert, April 25, 2022

Cointelegraph reported recently that hackers have inserted a forged MetaMask plugin into their browser to steal seed phrases from unwitting STEPN users.

The STEPN dashboard gives users access to the seed phrase, which allows them complete control of their crypto funds.

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