Vitalik Buterin suggests making NFTs ‘soulbound’ like World of Warcraft items

Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum) published a blog posting Wednesday. He stated his desire to create nonfungible tokens or NFTs. This would be similar to the Soulbound item class in the popular MMORPG WoW. Buterin explained his reasons by explaining that if someone shows that they have an NFT that can be obtained by doing X (such as attending an auction), it is impossible to determine if that person purchased the NFT through the secondary market.

Blizzard Watch is an example of a WoWSource item that is soulbound:

WoW’s soulbound feature prevents items from being sold, traded, mailed, or mailed to other players. This feature was created by developers to stop “twinking”, or passing gear down from high-level characters to lower-level characters. It also speeds up the process of fighting monsters and gaining experience.

They also serve the purpose to demonstrate achievement. That is, the character earned them by defeating difficult bosses, and not through an heirloom. Buterin seems to be interested in this property, since the Ethereum co-founder pointed out that on-chain proposals for storing driver’s licenses, university degree, and other information would run into problems if anyone who does not meet these requirements can purchase them.

Buterin also praised the POAP (proof of attendance protocol) project, which keeps digital mementos about one’s life on-chain and issues a unique badge that is supported by a cryptographic recording. Developers who are concerned about transferability should check that the current owner has the same address as the original. However, like the soulbound items in WoW and their commercial viability would be affected if NFTs were removed from transferability.

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