The UK’s largest Bitcoin conference comes to Scotland

The bear market will not stop Bitcoin’s adoption plans within the United Kingdom. The largest Bitcoin conference in the UK will be held from Oct 21-22, 2018. It will feature internationally recognized Bitcoin (BTC), authors, and content creators.

The event is organized by the Bitcoin Collective, a newly established Bitcoin company. It takes place at Assembly Rooms on Edinburgh’s George Street.

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital. Source:

Cointelegraph spoke with Jordan Walker, CEO at the Bitcoin Collective, about the conference’s sole focus on Bitcoin. He said that this is because we are aiming to educate and inform the entire community. Walker also stated in the press release:

It’s not about investing or buying Bitcoins, that’s another discussion. We are focusing on education so bring a pen and a notebook!

Jeff Booth, author of The Price of Tomorrow; Greg Foss of Validus Power Corp strategist; Natalie Brunell,Host of Coin Stories; Samson Mow CEO of Jan3 Booth told Cointelegraph he was “excited” to meet fellow Bitcoiners as well as others who are just beginning their journey in Scotland.

“In-person events like the Edinburgh conference are crucial in spreading awareness about Bitcoin. ”

As the conference’s guiding principles, it stands for education, community and inclusion, as well as open dialogue. Haider Rafique (chief marketing officer at OKX), stated that the conference is exactly what the UK Bitcoin industry needs. The community is rising up to declare “This is what we are about, and why you should care.”

The Assembly Rooms, on George Street, are the conference venue. Source: Google

Walker made clear that the conference was meant to be a catalyst for Bitcoin adoption in Scotland. She also stated that the conference “aims to capture as diverse participants both on and off the stage” as well as “a catalyst for Bitcoin adoption.”

The capital of Scotland, affectionately called “Auld Reekie” by locals, is the country’s second largest city. It has a population close to 500,000, but its history, architecture, and music make it slightly smaller than Glasgow. Edinburgh hosts more historical and cultural events than Glasgow, including Hogmanay and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (amongst the largest New Year’s celebrations in the world).

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While there were no signs of Bitcoin adoption in Edinburgh in 2021, the conference would like to see widespread adoption. While grassroots adoption stories are being told across the border in England and the Isle of Man, a British Crown Dependency, is rapidly becoming a Bitcoin Island, they have begun to spread.

British Bitcoiners are among the speakers, with Peter McCormack, podcaster behind What Bitcoin Did, Allen Farrington, author and CEO of CoinCorner, as well as Danny Scott, CEO at CoinCorner, as speakers. This conference marks the first Bitcoin Collective conference. The locations for subsequent years are yet to be determined.

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