The UK ‘Bitcoin Adventure’ shows BTC is a family affair

Bitcoin (BTC), is suitable for all ages: children, adults, hard rockers, and racing pigs. The “Bitcoin Adventure”, held in Avon Valley near Bristol, saw Bitcoiners and hobbyists share their knowledge, jokes, and personal journeys down this rabbit hole, despite the unseasonably wet UK weather. Even better, Bitcoin’s “toxic maximalism”, was absent.
— The Bitcoin Adventure (@TheBTCAdventure), July 3, 2022

The “Adventure”, a Bitcoin meetup that took place in a wildlife park, was a world-first. While some of the U.K’s most prominent Bitcoiners were on the main stage, 250 people who purchased tickets (payment in BTC) were able to play with the park’s furry Bitcoiner Mascots, from cuddling rabbits to petting goats.

This is the day’s adventure. Source: Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph was told by DB, the organizer, that the “Aim of the event was to create a family friendly Bitcoin event to bring together people from across the U.K. to share ideas and to learn in a relaxed family environment.”

“Although I was confident that it would be a success this was an adventure in many new ways. The event was a huge success thanks to the incredible feedback received from everyone involved.

The Bitcoin Adventure brought together Boomers and Zoomers, with a gender balance most Bitcoin meetups cannot achieve. It was a grassroots event to complement the decentralized movement. There were no corporate sponsors,’shadowy coders’, or bad actors using Bitcoin for their own purposes. It was just people giving up their time to help others.

The mob of mischievous meerkats were the most slippy customers.

We are ready to accept …#Bitcoin here. Thank you to @CoinCornerDanny and @CoinCornerDanny Fun for all the family #TheBitcoinAdventure!
— The Bitcoin Adventure (@TheBTCAdventure), July 2, 2022

The Bitcoin Adventure was for some punters a chance to forget their Lightning Network virginity. CoinCorner PoS (Point of Sale) devices were used by bars to accept Bitcoin. QR codes stickers that claimed ‘free sats here!’ were also hidden throughout the wildlife park. For a few Satoshis, you could also get novelty socks, cufflinks, and Bitcoin stickers.

Follow @SophieNakamoto. Buy me pints with #bitcoin over the #lightningnetwork
Joe Hall (@JoeNakamoto), July 2, 2022

Ben Arc, LNBits’ self-described Bitcoin FOSS hobbyist, presented a stimulating presentation about open source tools. You can find him working on LN hardware and QR code readers. He is always available to answer any questions, no matter how detailed or dippy.

The talks covered lessons on multisignature wallets thanks to Neil Woodfine from Unchained Capital, as well as the risks and rewards associated with Bitcoin mining from Jason Deane, an analyst and miner. Nathan Day, a popular podcaster, and Daniel Prince rounded off proceedings with a discussion on Bitcoin, homeschooling, and travel. The kids then “stormed” the stage to answer questions.

Talk about “World education for Bitcoiners”. Source: Cointelegraph

Jordan Walker, CEO and Event MC of the Bitcoin Collective, was among those who met new people with the decentralized currency. While the adults gathered at the bar to buy pints with the Lightning Network, and to discuss the day’s details, the kids were able to enjoy a variety of Bitcoin-themed activities. Organizer DB explains:

“Learning through play is important for children and Bitcoin Ballers Zebedee Gamertron Robotechy gave them the chance to have fun while learning about Bitcoin.”

Coach Carbon, the Bitcoin Football coach behind Bitcoin Ballers, was helping children from toddlers to teens “get off zero” using an inflatable football goal. As child-friendly Bitcoin presentations, there was also Bitcoin gaming and even “explaining Bitcoin with playdoh”. As educators and authors create more content for children, education is an increasingly important part of Bitcoin learning.

Bitcoin Racing’s team displayed one of the most fast-moving ads for Bitcoin and El Salvador. The Citroen C1 was driven by Bitcoin “minors” who were adorned with an El Salvador flag and will be racing around the U.K. over the next few months.

The #bitcoin-racing team was at the @TheBTCAdventure @AvonValleyPark Flying #ElSalvador and #bitcoin flags @bitcoin_racing @jessicabukele @VanessInteriano
— Daniel Prince (@PrinceySOV), July 3, 2022

Roger 9000, a vibrant Bitcoin musician, is arguably the Adventure’s highlight. The day was completed by the one-man band, who rocked out to Satoshi-inspired music. Lyrics included “Bitcoin the love machine” and “Alle Canada,” which is a battle cry to support the Bitcoin-backed trucker protests here in North America.

Many people pitched tents in the campgrounds as the sun set at the event’s inaugural year. DB, organizer, said that the plan was to let the dust settle and then sit down over the next few weeks and go through the day, focusing on what could have been done better and what could be improved.

“We will then set the wheels in motion to The Bitcoin Adventure 2023.”

Let’s all hope there are no signs of a bear meerkat by next summer’s Bitcoin Adventure.

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