The Real Deal? Peter McCormack’s Bedford Bitcoin Bet scores more than goals

There are many ways to make the Bitcoin Standard. Some people sell all their possessions to make it possible to live off the magic of the internet. Others are more focused on converting every penny into Bitcoins. Popular podcaster Peter McCormack, a passionate football fan, had to buy his local team and sign Bitcoin (BTC).

McCormack, a Bitcoin advocate, purchased his local football team in December 2021. McCormack renamed the club to Real Bedford and Bitcoin is now accepted as payment for tickets, drinks, and shirts.

With Bitcoin’s price hovering in the $20,000s can the ethos of a falling currency change a football team’s future? What is more, why has this club in the lower league caught the attention Bitcoin advocates all over the globe?

McCormack, McCormack, and local fans were interviewed by Cointelegraph. The match was streamed live to hundreds of Bitcoiners worldwide.

McCormack had always dreamed of purchasing Bedford Town, a local football club, since he was a child. He told Cointelegraph that Bedford could support a Fooball League team. He eventually bought Bedford Football Club, a smaller local team that plays in the Spartan South Midlands Football League.

Real Bedford’s football ladder is six leagues above the English Football League (EFL). McCormack jokes about how playing in the Premier League is more like a wind-up, at least for now. While football is important for promotion, McCormack jokes that the club’s biggest problem is that its sponsors are Bitcoin companies.

Post-match interviews are entirely sponsored by crypto companies.

Advertisements for Bitcoin-friendly companies like Casa, Gemini, and Compass Mining are displayed on billboards around the stadium. Match day kits also include crypto companies in somewhat bizarre scenes. These companies could be in serious trouble, however, as the Bitcoin bear market is in full swing.

“At some point in the season, I will need to return to them and say, Look, we delivered. I hope, hopefully, that we get promoted. It’s all going well. But, I have to go back and say, Okay, we need the next level. Okay, I need to sponsor again.

Local fans were puzzled by the billboard Bitcoin ads that included the pitch. Others wanted to know where they could get Bitcoin. Cointelegraph found that despite the Bitcoin-centric approach, many local fans were puzzled by the billboard Bitcoin advertisements. Others wanted to know where to get Bitcoin.

The team has had excellent pre-season results, which is to their credit. Real Bedford drew teams from other leagues and is currently at the top of the league table.

Even though Real Bedford is two leagues below Real Bedford, the manager and some key players transferred from Bedford Town FC. McCormack also jokes that there are more people at the pregame Bitcoin meetups than on match days last year.

Our club is committed to building a community. Today’s game saw 273 people, which is a significant increase from last season. We are grateful to all who attended the game, purchased merchandise, and supported the boys.
August 6, 2022 — Real Bedford FC (@realbedford).

Bitcoin Gandalf, of Braiins, was there to sum up the atmosphere.

“The fact that people travel from all over the U.K. to see a lower league team is proof of how revolutionary Bitcoin technology is is a testimony to the power of the Bitcoin standard.

Participants at the Bitcoin Meetup ranged from experienced node runners to novices. One woman asked “Who controls mining?” while others performed their first peer to-peer or Lightning Network transaction. While the Bitcoin “BTC”, which can be easily missed at the club’s club, is visible worldwide, the lower-tier league club has a global reach. Minnesota and Amsterdam fans have purchased merchandise for the lower league club.

Real Bedford supporters were seen on the streets in Amsterdam. Source: BTC Magazine Youtube

In the meantime, Bitcoin-backed bonuses were discussed at the clubhouse for goal scorers. Daniel Prince, a Bitcoin podcaster, suggested that players stream the live stream with QR codes for Bitcoin. It would allow Bitcoin and football enthusiasts around the globe to “tip” players when they win a challenge or score a goal. Prince explained, “It’s proof of work in action.”

McCormack’s Bitcoin-first approach is not the only reason why players continue to play with altcoins. Cointelegraph’s season’s top scorer Dan Walker said that he made a lot of money in 2022 by tinkering around with smart DeFi protocols. He admitted that Bitcoin is the future, but he said that he didn’t have any Bitcoins on match day, as his salary is paid in Great British Pounds Sterling.

Bitcoin aside, McCormack’s passion for his hometown is infectious. McCormack puts his heart and soul into the community, as well as the team. The team’s football shirt only says “BTCedford”, as opposed to Real Bedford, signaling his intention to make his hometown a major player in the Bitcoin world. Perhaps Bedford can ride the Bitcoin adoption wave that El Salvador experienced, which has seen him become a household name.

McCormack said in a post-match interview that he would rather drink a pint at a local pub than one in Las Vegas. And it’s Bedford over Texas every single day of the week, despite Texas’ love for Bitcoin. Real Bedford’s promotion is more important to McCormack than Tottenham Hotspur being relegated. Tottenham Hotspur is a London Premier League team and McCormack’s worst enemy.

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Cointelegraph was also told by locals that McCormack is more than just a wizard with the internet. He helps the community and lends a hand. McCormack was true to his word, and could often be seen handing out drinks, wiping tables, and greeting fans on match days — many if not all of whom were first-name acquaintances.

It is shortsighted to consider the team and the transition from a Bitcoin Standard a success. There are encouraging signs that Bitcoin is leading the way. This includes the 3-0 and 7-1 season-opening results, lively Bitcoin meetups, and growing numbers of fans.

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