The Holy Grail for crypto traders: Consistent average returns over 5%

The messy picture of crypto assets’ price movements can be seen as a series isolated events. Some traders may win large because of one-time events, or by spotting a trend that is meme-inspired.

However, these “fortuitous traders” tend to lose in the long-term.

Why? They have to choose big-time winners to cover every time they miss their targets.

There were 1000 coins that didn’t moon for every Shiba Inu.

This is why crypto traders who employ processes and not try to predict future events are more likely fill their pockets in the long-term.

They trade probabilities and not on the hope that Token X will go parabolic next week. They focus on the aggregate numbers and not on individual trades. They’d be happy to accept weekly average returns of more than 5% for trades.

Below is a table showing average returns after high VORTECS ™ Scores based on historical analysis by Cointelegraph Markets Pro.

Waiting is a good thing.

Two trends are clear. The first is that the average return on investment will be greater if the VORTECS(tm Score is higher). This means that the algorithm will be more bullish if it is determined that the historical conditions surrounding the coin are favorable. The asset will likely deliver higher gains once the high score is registered.

Second, time is a factor. The algorithm was trained using a fuzzy time frame, with an emphasis on finding favorable conditions that could occur over many days.

The asset’s average price performance will improve the longer the VORTECS ™ algorithm waits for signs of a historically positive outlook to be recognized. The greatest price rises are generated by favorable conditions around tokens with high scores. This is after one week (168 hours) since the first time they appear on the algorithm’s radar.

Calculating the crypto trading math

In these bull market times, a return of 5 to 6% on your investment over a week might not seem like a lot. Don’t let this fool you.

Studies have shown that short-term traders are often unsuccessful. According to a recent study, “97%” of those who remained in the Brazilian equities market for more than 300 days fell under this category. Similar results have been shown in other studies.

Finding an algorithm that consistently generates positive average returns over precisely measured time periods is the Holy Grail of crypto traders.

It is infallible. It is not. Don’t be deceived. The VORTECS(tm), algorithm has produced scores that suggest bullish conditions. However, prices have not risen.

This table shows the AVERAGE return for a given time period after an arbitrary score.

This table proves that VORTECS(tm), as it was designed, does exactly what its job. It continuously identifies the market conditions for certain crypto assets that are historically bullish and uses confidence modeling to calculate a score traders can use in their decision-making.

VORTECS(tm), Score ROI methodology and background

The VORTECS(tm Score) is an AI-powered algorithm that is only available to Cointelegraph Markets Pro members.

This tool can search for patterns in price change, trading activity, and social sentiment about 200-plus digital assets. It will sound the alarm if the arrangement of these metrics begins to resemble the ones that have been consistently present before price increases.

The model’s confidence is determined by the VORTECS(tm), score at any given time.

This table shows the average price change across all digital assets that have achieved VORTECS(tm), Scores of 80 or 85 after fixed intervals. It starts from the time the Score was registered. The observation period covers the entire operation of CT Markets Pro platform, which is approximately 11 months.

Each asset could only give one observation per day for this analysis. If a coin goes from 79 to 81, then back to 79, and then back to 80 within a few hours it would only count as one entry to 80+.

We did this to ensure that the analysis didn’t give a disproportional representation of volatile VORTECS(tm Scores, as opposed to times when assets exceeded reference thresholds and maintained high Scores over time.

The table shows the average price movements of hundreds of digital assets that have achieved high VORTECS(tm), Scores during the period of nearly 11 months.

These charts show crypto assets’ performance in bull, bear and sideways markets in both Bitcoin season (Altseason) and for all assets, from DEX tokens to privacy coins and layer one platforms.

Get started with VORTECS(tm), today!

Cointelegraph is not an investment advisor, but a publisher of financial information. We don’t offer personalized or individualized advice on investment. Cryptocurrencies can be volatile investments that carry high risk, including total and permanent loss. Past performance does not necessarily indicate future results. All figures and charts are accurate at the time of writing, unless otherwise stated. Strategies that have been tested in real life are not recommended. Consult your financial advisor before making financial decisions.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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