The future is Bitcoin according to South Park creators

South Park, an animated TV series that tackles controversial topics with humor, featured Bitcoin as a popular method of payment.

South Park’s 24th season episode “Post COVID” aired on Thursday. It featured Stan Marsh, one of its protagonists, paying for a stay at a motel in Bitcoin (BTC), 40 years after the end of the pandemic. In a future where almost all brands have “plus” or “maxx”, the fictional Super 12 Motel Plus accepts only “Bitcoin” and other cryptocurrency. Marsh pays using a plastic with the BTC logo, and a QR code.

The motel clerk stated, “It’s our future. We’ve all decided central banking is rigged so that we trust more in flyby-night Ponzi schemes.”

Many crypto enthusiasts are familiar with South Park’s criticism of the United States government and banks’ responses to the 2008 financial crisis. This meme, “aaaand…it’s gone”, refers to Marsh losing his money after he deposits it in a bank. The episode also includes future predictions about autonomous vehicles, holographic digital assistants, and stand-up comedy being a shadow of itself in “woke” culture.

Although it is now common to refer to cryptocurrency and blockchain in mainstream media, it wasn’t always this way. The Good Wife was the first TV series to show BTC in January 2012. However, other shows have used the technology as a financial tool and comedy tool. James Spader, the character in The Blacklist, claimed to have known the real identity of Satoshi. The Simpsons also showed the BTC price moving infinity on an animated stock ticker.

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The appearance of Bitcoin on the animated series is due to the fact that the price for the crypto asset has been hovering around $60,000 for over a week. Cointelegraph Markets Pro data shows that the BTC price was $59,237 as of the time of publication. This is a drop of more than 14% from its peak of $69,000 in Nov. 10.

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