The Bitcoin Family talks about traveling, giving and orange-pilling

The man who got all-in on Bitcoin (BTC), in 2016, will be remembered by crypto enthusiasts. He sold all his possessions and those of his family. He stayed in the Netherlands, while waiting for Bitcoin to arrive on the moon.

Taihuttu, in an interview with Cointelegraph, recalls how it was to have almost nothing but Bitcoin six years ago.

“I don’t own any cars, motorbikes or anything. And I am happier than ever. She [Taihuttu’s wife] also agrees! We decide that we will break the chain and set an example for our children.

He explained how he realized that happiness is more important than accumulating wealth. Thus, the Bitcoin Family was created. While the three daughters have Bitcoin and not bank accounts, their parents have never stopped looking back at their past lives.

Five years ago, the fivesome traveled the globe and settled in Southern Portugal. They are in good company to promote Bitcoiner living down there. Portugal is a rapidly growing hub for seminal cryptocurrency.

Taihuttu concedes that there are, of course, challenges regarding how to travel the world living off a Bitcoin standard-particularly while looking after three teenage daughters.

It hasn’t stopped other families of explorers from following their lead. Taihuttu says that six families have sold their possessions to get the Bitcoin lifestyle.

The Bitcoin Family. Source:

Taihuttu was closer to home. He orange-pilled both his brother and sister, convincing them to travel. He believes that the “decentralized digital nomad lifestyle” is the future.

Taihuttu is generous and gives away 40% of his wealth to charity. All profits from trading, affiliate links and merchandise sales are channeled to charity projects.

Bitcoin Family charity projects. Source:

They have, for example, built a school in Mexico to help children who are less fortunate and an orphanage in Venezuela. There’s also a Bitcoin twist.

The video explains with a Mario illustration how to make an orange pill and start a charity.

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Although the projects were not created Bitcoin-only, they certainly aren’t centralized.

“The CEO of a central organization [charity] will drive a BMW.” We don’t want this, we do peer-to-peer.”

Taihuttu’s goal is to connect with orange-pilled people wherever he travels. The group then meets together to discuss the concerns and address the ones that will have the greatest positive impact.

This process is based on one of Taihuttu’s many mantras: “Everyone should have a heartbeat, and a phone should be able transact value all around the world.” Bitcoin is this solution and should undoubtedly become an integral part of charitable projects.

The Bitcoin Family will continue to travel the world, but their current focus is on Europe. El Salvador and the next country that adopts Bitcoin as legal currency are both attractive destinations. But Taihuttu is passionately focused on his home continent’s journey to Bitcoin adoption.

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