Solitaire, Counter-Strike, Snake: How casual gaming could be a ‘huge’ Bitcoin on-ramp

To earn Satoshis (small amounts of Bitcoin) you can play Solitaire, Snake, and Counter-Strike. Cointelegraph spoke with executives from Thndr Games, which is a play to-earn (P2E), company built around Bitcoin, Zebedee and a gaming platform that “Transforms gaming with the power Bitcoin.”

Lightning Network (LN), which is a layer-2 payment system built on top Bitcoin, allows instant microtransactions to Sats to pay gamers around the world quickly. Zebedee’s chief strategy officer Ben Cousens stated that this “really solves a need for gaming.”

Zebedee provides Bitcoin and LN support to popular games like Counter-Strike: Go. Cousens explained that they promote casual gaming and create inviting environments that can “Bring people to Bitcoin in a surprising way.”

THNDR released a Solitaire-style mobile gaming game on Monday. It is also about onboarding people to Bitcoin. They target both female and emerging market gamers.

Looks familiar? Video footage of CS:Go in-game Source: Zebedee

Desiree Dickerson (CEO & co-founder at Thndr Games) shared statistics with Cointelegraph in a conference call. “Sixty per cent of all women around the world play games, and sixty percent of these women use mobile games every single day.”

Added to that, the gaming market is larger than the movie industry. “2.6 billion people play games worldwide,” and mobile gaming is the most-popular segment within this sector. Dickerson stated that mobile gaming accounts for 60% of all the global gaming market and is only growing.

Club Bitcoin: Solitaire is a product that specifically targets the growing female audience segment.

“The mission of the company is to help people get into Bitcoin. But we won’t make a bad game. We don’t just want to be able to reach all Bitcoiners. It’s all about creating an outstanding game with Bitcoin in it.”

Thndr Game users make up around 60% of the world’s population. This is a favorite region for Bitcoiner businesses. Emerging markets are more vulnerable to unstable regimes and volatile currencies, as well as a weaker socio-economic growth.

Bitcoin can be an asset that provides economic stability in this economic environment. Thanks to fast payment rails and Bitcoin-centric gaming, Bitcoin now offers small economic rewards and a way to escapism. Zebedee is an example of this. The average transaction size is just $0.02.

Cousens shared with Cointelegraph that “Gaming and Bitcoin and Light is a huge ramp for Bitcoin [adoption]”, and also mentioned Brazil as an important territory. The Philippines is next, and both have emerging, thriving crypto adoption.

Club Bitcoin: Solitaire. Source:

Additionally, Cousens and Dickerson both showed that gaming can be used to onboard people into Bitcoin. However, the crypto and Bitcoin spaces are full of infighting, dunking, and told-you’s so’s. Gaming, especially idle gaming, allows users to start stacking sats.

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Thndr has sent more than 1.5 million rewards to users over the LN, and continues to grow its fan base. Every one of Thndr’s games in the Apple App Store has a rating of 4.5 stars or higher. Dickerson stated that “we are almost first and foremost thinking of the pure joy in play.”

For Cousens, who is well aware of the risk of “Hyperfinancialisation” of gaming products, he explains it’s hard to underestimate the role that casual gaming could play in Bitcoin adoption .”A bad casual mobile game has like 10 million downloads […] You get one or two games, you dwarf El Salvador.”

The Bitcoin Law could allow El Salvador to join a total population that is 6.4 million people in earning, saving and spending Bitcoin. According to Microsoft, Solitaire has 35 million monthly users. That’s only one game.

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