Rocket Pool Eth2 staking service launches, hits stage two cap in 45 seconds

Rocket Pool, an ETH2 staking platform, launched in less than 45 seconds. According to Allnodes Konstantin Boyko–Romanovsky, the co-founder of its hosting partner Allnodes Konstantin Boyko–Romanovsky.

Rocket Pool registered 237 node operator across 42 locations worldwide in its first two days. There are 1088 ETH staked. The platform has a total value of 4000 Ethereum ($13.9 million USD), including collateral from Rocket Pool (RPL), according to an announcement.

According to the whitepaper, Rocket Pool is aiming to be the “primary Ethereum staking infrastructure” by offering a decentralized, simple-to-use staking network to individuals and businesses.

Over the next four weeks, the protocol will be gradually rolling out. Protocol limits were quickly exhausted during stage one of the Nov 9 launch. Yesterday’s stage 2 launch on November 10 saw node operator minipools reach their maximum capacity in less than 45 seconds. The stage two deposit pool limit was 480 ETH ($2.3 Million) and it was quickly reached.

Rocket Pool had to delay its Oct. 6 launch initially due to a vulnerability on the network.

Boyko Romanovsky stated that this week’s two stages went without a hitch. There were some tweaks Monday night to make the website show’mainnet,’ not ‘testnet.

Rocket Pool is the launch of many entry barriers that Eth2 stakers have been able to remove. You will normally need to deposit 32 ETH ($155,000) in order to run an Eth2 Node. In addition, you must maintain permanent uptime.

Rocket Pool allows individuals, businesses, and decentralized apps (DApps), to receive staking rewards for anything above 0.01ETH using the Beacon Chain. This is without the need to maintain any staking infrastructure.

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Although centralized services like Binance and Coinbase offer many benefits, such as making stakestaking quick and simple for beginners, the downside is that you have to hand over your private keys and receive reduced rewards when using these centralized services.

Wow! In less than one minute, all minipool slots for stage 2 of the Rocket Pool Launch were full! Stage 3 will begin on November 15th at 00:00 UTC for those who missed it. Liquid staking is now possible because the rETH deposit pool limit was increased.
Rocket Pool (@Rocket_Pool), November 10, 2021

Rocket Pool and other protocols like Blox Staking or Stkr use a trustless implementation to staking. They don’t have private keys for withdrawals or validator keys.

Cointelegraph was told by Boyko Romanovsky that Rocket Pool is “amazing” and a “decentralized solution to Ethereum.”

“The more services like these, the more uses Ethereum can have and the more people will be inspired by decentralization.”

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