Puma rebrands to Puma.eth on Twitter

Puma is one of a growing number of brands that have purchased a decentralized URL. They also revealed their nonfungible token (NFT) by changing their Twitter handle from Puma.eth. The domain name was registered by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) by the German sportswear brand Puma.

welcome PUMA.eth (@PUMA) https://t.co/BuPplzfJgR
— ens.eth, (@ensdomains), February 21, 2022

Budweiser, a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev bought Beer.eth on OpenSea through ENS for 30 ETH lastyear. And when the fast-food chain White Castle registered whitecastleofficial.eth, ENS’ former director of operations even tweeted about his excitement.

All.ETH names can be “easily plugged in to the ever expanding NFT ecosystem”, as an ENS Medium posting states. An ENS name can be used to receive any cryptocurrency token or blockchain-based asset. It can also point to a decentralized website, store profile information, such as an avatar or email address, and allow you to store your Twitter handle.

Puma’s ENS is just one of many NFT-related moves the company has made in recent years. According to Puma.eth OpenSea, Puma invested in a variety of feline-inspired NFT collections, including Cool Cats NFT and Lazy Lions.

The cat’s out of the bag…@PUMA @ivandashkov #M3OW pic.twitter.com/lB8WU9EhJO
— CatBlox (@CatBloxStudios), February 21, 2022

Puma was ranked 13th on the.eth Leaderboard at the time of publication. This list lists the most popular Twitter accounts using.ETH names. Parishilton.eth is in first place, owned by Paris Hilton, and shaq.eth by Shaquille Ol’Neal (ex-NBA player).

Puma, along with Adidas and Nike, is one of the most prominent global sportswear brands. Nike bought the virtual sneakers and collectibles company RTFKT. Adidas Original’s launched an NFT partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club and PUNKS Comic.

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According to Dune Analytics the Ethereum Name Service currently has 724,096 ENS domains registered. The highest monthly registrations have occurred in the last few months. Unstoppable Domains is the competitor to ENS. It has more than 2 million domains and recently launched Login, a single-sign-on service that supports Ethereum and Polygon. Web 3 users are adopting decentralized URLs to create digital identities as more DApps (wallets, exchanges, and marketplaces) support NFT usernames.

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