Paris Blockchain Week, April 14: Latest updates from the Cointelegraph team on the ground

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Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS), hosts many thought leaders from crypto and blockchain. The Cointelegraph ground team will be present to provide the latest developments from the event.

Cointelegraph France was announced at Paris NFT Day. This prelude event to the PBWS. The Cointelegraph team presented the key tidbits of sessions and quotes from exclusive interviews in near-real-time on Wednesday. CT reporters were able to interview key figures from the crypto ecosystem including Binance CEO CZ and Tether chief technology officers Paolo Ardoino, as well as Helen Hai, Binance’s NFT platform leader.

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Marieke Flament, CEO of Near Foundation, told Cointelegraph that the industry had a significant positive impact on the local level in terms both of networks and communities. For example, in France, the French community is close-knit, and growing.

8:20 In light of the new license, Bitfinex has created a new fundraising platform that would allow the government raise funds for their volcanic bond,” says Paolo Ardoino.

8:10 — “Crypto-related cases such as remittances and wages have experienced a significant increase in Latin America and Central Africa. Ouriel Ohayon, ZenGo CEO, says that Nigeria is currently the most underrated cryptocurrency hotspot and has a vibrant crypto economic.

Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino stated that Tether (USDT), which is a stablecoin in Bitfinex, is used as a reserve currency in Turkey, Venezuela and Argentina. He said that it is sad because it should work as an FX currency.

“Bitcoin and DEX are financial solutions to nearly 2 billion people around the globe who are not banked.”

8:00 — The second session of the day began with The Future of Crypto Exchanges In Emerging Markets.

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