Opera browser enables direct access to BNB Chain-based DApp ecosystem

Opera, a crypto-friendly browser, integrated BNB Chain (a decentralized blockchain ecosystem, formerly known under Binance Smart Chain) to allow BNB Chain-based DApps (DApps), on Android, iOS, and desktop versions.

Opera’s 350 million users will be able to buy the BNB token (Build N Build), with fiat, and then send and receive it using the Opera crypto wallet. They can also access DApps on BNB Chain. This list includes decentralized exchanges (DEXs), such as PancakeSwap or 1inch, and decentralized finance products (DeFi), such as Tranchess and Treehouse, ApeSwap, AutoShark Finance, DRIP Venus, Tranchess and Tranchess.

Opera Crypto Browser’s BNB chain integration follows the April beta release of a Web3 browser on iOS devices, iPhone, and iPad. Opera started the Crypto Browser project earlier in the year to concentrate on Web3 navigation and facilitate navigation across DApps and games. Since then, the browser company has expanded its support for nine major blockchain ecosystems, including Bitcoin, Solana and Polygon, StarkEx. Ronin, Celo. Nervos Network, and now BNB Chain.

Patrick Degenhardt from BNB Chain said that the Binance Chain community’s primary goal is to build the infrastructure needed to support the “world’s parallel virtual environment” and attract the next billion people to cryptocurrency. He said that Web2 integration and Web3 integration are key to “boosting adoption of digital assets, and blockchain technology.”

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Cointelegraph spoke with Pratik Gauri, founder and CEO of 5ire, about the latest development. He said that 5ire had “the foresight” in 2018, to start building their product in accordance with Web 3.0 standards.

This is an important step forward, he believes. If Opera’s security systems are reliable over time, investors and day traders may prefer to use it browser.

Web 3.0 is designed to achieve this goal. You want personal data to belong to you, not big data corporations making billions from your data and your content. A second, secure systems with great UX will be able to rule the market when it comes time for the public’s transition to Web 3.0.

Opera has been involved in cryptocurrency for some time. In 2019, it was the first major browser that accepted Bitcoin (BTC). Jorgen Arnesen from Opera says that The Crypto Browser was created to appeal to both new and seasoned crypto users. It also targets the growing interest of Web3.

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