OpenSea says marketplace won’t support forked NFTs post Merge

OpenSea, a nonfungible token (NFT), marketplace has announced that it will only support NFTs on the PoS blockchain.

The NFT marketplace announced via Twitter that it isn’t speculating about any possible forks but clarified that they won’t reflect on OpenSea if forked NFTs are found as OpenSea will only support the upgraded chain.

NFT Marketplace also stated that their team is working to prepare the NFT trading platform in preparation for any issues with the Ethereum Merge. This will ensure that the transition period is smooth.

Although the team is confident that there won’t be major problems, they assured that the community will be closely monitoring, managing, and communicating with them throughout the process. Developers were also asked to review the Merge details on the Ethereum website.

Chainlink expressed its support for the PoS transition to Ethereum mainnet, in addition to OpenSea. The team stated that it will not support any Ethereum forks after the Merge. The team assured the community that it is doing all it can to prepare for any problems that might arise during the transition.

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Recent interview with Cointelegraph: Lex Sokolin, economist, highlighted the possibility that economic design changes after Merge could affect Ether (ETH), price. According to the economist, the changes in the protocol will have natural consequences on the supply of ETH. The economist acknowledged that there is no way to know for certain and that it will be up to the market to determine the price of the token.

Despite not being yet available, the native asset of the possible ETHPoW Fork, which may be backed possibly by Ethereum’s PoW miners, is currently trading at $100. After some exchanges began to list ETHW (PoS), this happened.

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