Ontario government freezes millions more in donations to Freedom Convoy

Superior Court of Justice granted the Ontario Provincial Government in Canada an order to stop millions of dollars worth of donations on the GiveSendGo platform reaching Freedom Convoy protestors.

Truckers are now denied funds for the second time since GoFundMe frozen $10 million in donations last Wednesday and then refunded donors after a backlash.

This latest attempt to defund protest involves donations to the “Freedom Convoy 2022”, and “Adopt-a-Trucker” pages on the GiveSendGo crowdfunding platform. “Freedom Convoy 2022,” which raised $8.4million, and “Adopt-a-Trucker,” which received $686,000.

Today’s tweet from Ian Miles Cheong, Post Millennial writer:

“Bitcoin fixes that… They would have to make cryptocurrency illegal here in Canada.”

Benjamin Dichter was one of the organizers for the fundraiser and agreed with Cheong. Today, he tweeted that “This is good news for Bitcoin.”

To help the convoy raise Bitcoin funds, a group of supporters had formed the HonkHonk Hodl organisation. The group has raised 21 BTC (902,000) as of the writing of this article.

OpenNode, a bitcoin payment processor, stated last year that the BTC solution is an alternative to traditional payment methods.

Bitcoin’s censorship resistance is one of its greatest advantages. Bitcoin is free from any central authority that can dictate who can and cannot use it. It has been the preferred currency for many people and organizations that have been excluded from traditional payment methods.

OpenNode stated that accepting Bitcoin donations increases awareness among recipients and donors, and encourages adoption.

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There is some debate about whether the Ontario government can freeze the funds. Today, GiveSendGo posted that the Canadian government does not have control over how funds are managed by its U.S.-based platform. Protestors were assured by the company that all funds received for every campaign on GiveSendGo go directly to those recipients.

This is important! Canada has no jurisdiction over the way we manage our funds at GiveSendGo. All funds from GiveSendGo go directly to the recipients. Not least, The Freedom Convoy campaign.
— February 11, 2022, GiveSendGo (@GiveSendGo).

Brian Lilly, a Toronto Sun columnist, pointed out that GiveSendGo has its headquarters in Boston and that the Canadian court order prohibits Canadians accessing the funds. He stated that “Withdrawing it from the US and sending it back would be a violation.”

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