Nvidia hackers selling software unlock for graphics card crypto mining limiters

A hacker group infiltrating Nvidia servers last month tried to sell software that would unlock crypto mining hashrate limiters on the firm’s flagship graphics cards.

LAPSUS$, a South American hacking group, claims that it has stolen nearly a Terabyte of data from Nvidia servers late February. This group now offers software in the form a custom driver that will allow you to unblock the limiters the company has placed on your high-end graphics cards.

Nvidia stated it was aware of the incident Feb. 23 and that reports from Mar. 2:

“We are aware of the fact that the threat actor has stolen employee credentials and Nvidia proprietary information from Nvidia’s systems and started leaking it online.”

Through a Telegram channel, the cybercriminal group attempted to extort the California-based firm. The group also leaked sensitive personal data and offered to bypass Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series limits to allow for higher hash rates when Ethereum mining is possible.

PCMag published screenshots taken from the channel on March 1st. They stated that “this leak contains source codes and highly confidential/secret information from various parts Nvidia GPU driver Falcon, LHR and such”

LHR is the “Lite Hash Rat” (or LHR) which is a limitation that the company implemented to de-tune its GPUs by 2021 to discourage crypto miners and keep some for its core market, PC gamers.

Nvidia is being held hostage by hackers who demand that the company remove the limiter on all RTX 3000 series cards. They also want drivers to be open-source. The company has until March 4, to make a decision.

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Gaming has suffered from a lack of graphics card availability and prices for the past two decades, which has exacerbated their anger at crypto miners and the entire industry.

If they are not in stock, high-end GPUs can be as expensive as $1,800. Lower-spec models can also be difficult to find, leading to the development of a market for used cards. Prices for older graphics cards will often be higher than what they originally cost in certain regions.

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