NFL quarterback Tom Brady gives fan 1 BTC for his historic 600th-touchdown-pass ball

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady almost lost possession of the ball after his 600th touchdown pass. But now, he’s paying in Bitcoin.

Brady, a Buccaneers player, threw his 600th touchdown pass to Mike Evans in an Oct. 24 game. He is the only NFL player to ever have thrown so many touchdown passes during his career. The wide receiver apparently didn’t realize the importance of the ball and handed it to Byron Kennedy, a fan wearing a jersey bearing Evans’ name.

Ken Goldin, founder of Goldin Auctions sports memorabilia auctions, says the ball could be worth between $500,000 and $900,000. Kennedy initially seemed to be willing to trade the ball for a promise of a meeting with the quarterback. Brady revealed that he had given the fan 1 Bitcoin (BTC), which is roughly $62,081 at time of publication, in exchange for the ball.

Brady said that there were many negotiations to get the ball back. “Byron realized that he had lost all his leverage after he gave away the ball […]. I’m also giving him a bitcoin. This is also pretty cool. He is still looking pretty, at the end of it all.

Hey @FTX_Official, let’s make a trade…Let’s get this guy a Bitcoin
— Tom Brady (@TomBrady), October 25, 2021

Rick Stroud of Tampa Bay Times reports that the Buccaneers also offered Kennedy 2 signed jerseys. They also gave Mike Evans game cleats and a helmet with Brady autograph. The Buccaneers also provided season tickets through the end of the year, along with a $1,000 credit for purchases at the team’s store. Although some experts predicted that the BTC price would rise, many online commentators pointed out Kennedy’s compensation was not comparable to historic football.

David Amelotti, investigative reporter, stated that “I would have bought season tickets for my entire life.”

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Brady is one of many professional athletes who are crypto-friendly. He created Autograph, a nonfungible token platform that he intends to auction the 600th touchdown football as an NFT. Additionally, he was part of an endorsement deal for FTX.

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