Mintable app to support minting NFTs on the layer two Immutable X protocol

Mintable marketplace announced its partnership to Immutable X. This StarkWare-based layer two solution for nonfungible tokens on Ethereum (NFTs), will make more than 24 million NFTs from Immutable X for sale on Mintable. With this integration, users can deposit ETH or ERC-20 tokens instantly and without any gas fees.

Mintable’s tweet thread states that Mintable and Immutable X have a common vision to create NFT marketplaces, offering NFTs to the masses.

1/We are thrilled to partner with @ImmutableX – the 1st and leading Layer 2 for #NFTs in Ethereum! All NFTs on Immutable X are now available for trade on! Zero gas feesInstant trades100% carbon-neutral Details:
— Mintable (@mintable_app), December 13, 2021

Zero gas fees sound great, but the file size limit for gasless files is 300 MB. Any file larger than this will be subject to gas fees.

Mintable also stated in a blog that neither user custody nor decentralization would be compromised. Mintable believes that NFTtrading will be secure because assets are stored on Ethereum.

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Immutable X claims that all NFT activity conducted on its protocol is carbon neutral. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the project is carbon-free, but it does purchase carbon credits to offset any Ethereum gas consumption.

Robbie Ferguson, cofounder and president of Immutable, spoke about the partnership.

Mintable’s commitment to empowering NFT enthusiasts with smart contracts is amazing. We want to be there. We are thrilled to welcome communities and to work with Mintable to grow NFT markets.”

Mintable is also a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO). It was the first DAO to use NFTs in place of ERC-20 tokens. Mintable NFT DAO is based on MINT-voting NFTs. Open marketplaces allow MINT holders to sell their voting NFTs.

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