Keep Your Eyes on This Stock: Qiwi plc (NASDAQ: QIWI)

Varvara Kiseleva, QIWIs present Deputy CFO for Capital Markets, was designated as interim Chief Financial Officer efficient October 8, 2019, following the departure of Vladislav Poshmorga. As Interim Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Kiseleva will report straight to CEO Sergey Solonin until an irreversible replacement is designated. The Company intends to start the search procedure for choosing a new Chief Financial Officer without delay.

In the profitability analysis, net revenue margin of the company was recorded at 13.20% and operating revenue margin was computed at 17.20% while gross revenue margin was determined as 50.10%. EPS development for this year is 14.00% and EPS growth for next year is anticipated to reach at 60.61%. EPS growth in previous five years was 10.20% while EPS development in next five years is projected to arrive at 0.34%.

On 14 Oct 2019, Qiwi plc (NASDAQ: QIWI) saw a gain of 0.30% in current trading duration with closing cost of $20.34. The businesss last traded volume of 100476 shares vs to an average volume of 338.69 K shares. In the tracking 12 months period, return on properties ratio of the Company was 6.90% and return on equity ratio was 18.00% while its roi ratio was 8.20%.

QIWI plc (QIWI) just recently reported that on October 8, 2019, Vladislav Poshmorga, the Chief Financial Officer (the “CFO”) of the Company, alerted the Board of Directors of the Company that he is resigning from his position as CFO. Mr. Poshmorga has actually verified that his resignation is Because of individual factors and not related to any discontracts or disputes with the management or the Board of Directors of the Company on any matter consisting of the Companys accounting principles, practices or monetary statement disclosures.

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