Inflation got you down? 5 ways to accumulate crypto with little to no cost

Expert crypto traders understand that bull markets can be used to sell and bear markets can be used for accumulation. However, this can be challenging when there is a surge in inflation which reduces fiat currencies’ purchasing power.

Some crypto enthusiasts are looking for new ways to increase their stack as they prepare for the next bull markets.

Here are the top five ways hodlers increase their crypto portfolio without having to break the bank. This allows them to keep more money for the greater cost of living.


Staking is the best and most proven method to increase tokens, since the majority of Proof-of-Stake (PoS), networks offer steady yields for locking up coins.

Staking tokens in smart contracts not only helps with transaction validation but also increases network security.

Each proof of stake blockchain is different in terms of payouts, yields and lock periods. Before you stake any crypto assets, make sure to do your research.
LifeDeFied (,) (@LifeDeFied), July 18, 2022

It is important to be careful about which token you stake, because crypto winters can lead to the death of protocols without solid foundations or significant backing.

When choosing a PoS network, it is important to consider projects with a track record, high trading volumes and active users. There are many top choices in the market, including Ethereum, Cosmos and Solana, Fantom.

GameFi and play to earn

2021 saw the birth of GameFi protocols and play-to earn (P2E) protocols. These protocols allow gamers to do what they love and make a living doing it.

Despite the fact that token prices have fallen for popular games such as Axie Infinity, this sector is still one of the most active within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and will likely continue to prosper in the future.

Many games require upfront investments, which can make it difficult for many people who want to earn cryptocurrency without any cost. However, protocols such as Merit Circle and Yield Guild Games offer users the opportunity to rent or borrow required assets for a small fee. This commission is deducted from any rewards earned.

Crypto side gigs

The gig economy has seen a boom in the past decade as ride-sharing apps, food delivery services, and workers abandoned the 9-5 workday.

After Novel Coronavirus, “freelancing” has become the new buzzword in India’s gig economy. India is second in the world with over 15 million freelancers, after the United States of America. People from all walks of the life are getting involved in freelancing.
— eKarma India (@EKarmaIND), July 21, 2022

Remote working and the nomadic lifestyle have become more popular. The decentralized nature cryptocurrency has opened up a lot of opportunities for people to contribute to the ecosystem while also earning crypto.

Despite crypto winter’s onset, which saw some of the largest companies in the industry lay off large numbers of their employees, new jobs are being created in the sector every day as projects are launched and established companies move over from the legacy system.

There are many side gigs for hodlers that allow them to earn cryptocurrency while they work.

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irdrop hunting

Airdrops of cryptocurrency have been a staple in the crypto community. They are one of the best ways for marketing and bringing new users to the community.

Flash-in-the pan projects that rose and fell quickly during the bull markets are starting to fade away. New projects representing the next generation blockchain protocols are being launched and will need to attract users to their ecosystems.

Although tokens for these projects are often of little or no value at the beginning, those who persevere can sometimes get a nice payout down the line if bullish momentum returns.

Crypto degens can also explore airdrops that have been held in the hope of discovering ones they are eligible for, but have not claimed. Recent examples include the Optimism and Evmos (EVMOS), which were held at the tail end the bull market. They might have been lost in the chaos over the past few months.

$150 MILLION USD of the $EVMOS Airdrop is yet unclaimed. If you used Ethereum prior to 2021, this is your ticket to the Cosmos. The claimable airdrop transfer to the community pool within 2 weeks. Here’s how you can collect your share. (1/12)
— Evmos Intern (@evmosintern) July 17, 2022

Once the tokens are claimed, users can either sell them for stablecoins or another preferred crypto or they could keep the tokens in the hope of seeing nice gains when crypto spring arrives.

Spreading the crypto gospel (for referral bonus)

Referring users to crypto exchanges and new decentralized finance protocols is a great way for crypto enthusiasts to make a little extra cash.

Although Coinbase has had to cut back on referral bonuses due to the crypto contagion caused by the collapses at Terra and Three Arrows Captial, Coinbase is still able to reward evangelists for spreading the word and earning a reward.

This is a great way to attract no-coiners into the crypto community, as traders with more motivation look beyond the existing pool to seek out higher bonuses.

Referring others to platforms is a good way to earn extra crypto. People will be suspicious if someone refers them to scams or rug pulls.

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