How to use Minecraft to understand the Metaverse and Web3

What is the Metaverse?

Neal Stephenson used the term Metaverse in his 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, to describe a futuristic virtual reality-based online society. Some people have even gone so far as to call Stephenson’s novel a prediction for the future.

Before you conclude that it is a mystical glimpse into the future or invoke the rules for time travel, let us first examine what the Metaverse looks like through the lense of something simpler: Minecraft. We’ll get to this later.

The Metaverse, unlike the internet and virtual reality as we know them today, is a 3D immersive environment that allows people to interact with one another and digital objects as real as if they were.

The Metaverse is still not fully developed. Some platforms have created experiences that are very similar to the Metaverse. For example, video games have already expanded the boundaries of gaming through virtual economies and in-game events.

The Metaverse, as it is called, is an idea of an online 3D universe which patchworks different virtual spaces. The Metaverse is slowly coming to fruition, much like the future web. It is a 3D space that allows users to interact, play and even work.

One could argue that technology has evolved and the Metaverse’s emergence was a natural progression.

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What is Web3?

Web3 refers to the third generation of World Wide Web. It is the vision of a decentralized internet. Web1 was a static web, and Web2 introduced dynamic content as well as social media features.

With Web3, the emphasis is now shifting to a decentralized web, where users have control over their data. Web3, originally called the “Semantic Web”, was created by Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web). It aims to allow websites and applications more autonomy and intelligence in the processing of information.

Big Data, machine-learning, and decentralized ledger tech (DLT) allow data to be processed in a more intelligent, human-like manner.

What makes Minecraft useful in understanding the Metaverse?

Minecraft allows you to create and explore a 3D world. Minecraft is also the first game to allow players to trade items. Minecraft can also be used to learn about the Metaverse.

Understanding Minecraft will help people better understand the Metaverse, Web3 and other related technologies. They will also learn how to use these concepts in real life.

What makes Minecraft such a great platform for metaverse?

Minecraft is a fantastic platform for the Metaverse because of a few key features. Minecraft’s flexibility allows players to create and share their own content. This allows you to create new worlds and experiences within Minecraft.

Minecraft has a large, active community which creates a sense belonging and allows players to connect with one another. Minecraft is always evolving with new features and updates. This allows you to create new worlds and experiences within Minecraft.

As far as metaverses go, there are many other areas where Minecraft has been successful. Let’s take a look at them below.

The Minecraft metaverse has been decentralized — no one owns it

Many in the crypto community were scathing about Mark Zuckerberg’s desire for the Metaverse to be built via Facebook.

Facebook’s latest move offers a glimpse into a metaverse that is largely controlled by tech giants such as Zuckerberg. It’s Monopoly again, and goes against all the principles of decentralization which is what the Metaverse is all about.

Minecraft, on the other hand is an excellent example of a decentralized metaverse. Although Microsoft is the owner of Minecraft, everyone can still access it and play. The game is not controlled by any one company.

Because each metaverse has its own rules of engagement, Minecraft is a great tool. Minecraft allows anyone to create a metaverse. This is in contrast to Facebook’s intention to create a monolithic Metaverse. This is the key to the success and sustainability of the Metaverse. It allows for more democratic and open environments where everyone can participate.

Even with low-fi technology, it’s still immersive

The Metaverse is a highly-technical version of all we know about the web, but Minecraft offers a glimpse into what it might look like.

Minecraft was able to create an immersive experience with very low tech. There were no VR, AR or holograms required. All the hype about the impending metaverse implies that virtual worlds can only truly be immersive with VR cameras strapped to our heads. Maybe a nanofan will blow some wind into our ears to give us a sense of the breeze while we are walking in our digital garden.

Minecraft is proof that even plain-old computer screens can provide immersive access to metaverses — no VR glasses required. Minecraft runs on any old hardware, so if you’re not already familiar with it, you can still enjoy it.

Minecraft has a unique purpose

Different reasons people play Minecraft. There are many reasons to play Minecraft. Some people want to make, others want to explore, and some simply want to socialize. Minecraft has been a platform that allows people to do all these things and more.

Minecraft is unique because it serves a purpose that is not found in other games. This is why Minecraft is so popular. Minecraft is a game that can do almost anything, which makes it ideal for anyone looking to explore the Metaverse.

Minecraft Education allows students to imagine and experience worlds and cultures that are not their own. Piki Studios, a partnership with Microsoft, helped students in New Zealand to learn more about the Te Ao Maori culture via Minecraft.

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What is the best way to interact with people in a Minecraft metaverse

You can communicate with your fellow players through chat, private messages, and forums. Players can also join server to play together. Servers are game worlds players can connect to.

Contributing to the Metaverse’s context is the best way to interact with it. You will need to contribute each day if you are in a server trying to reach a large build.

You will need to assume the role of a fighter, miner, or warrior if you are part of a second-life simulation server. You’ll need to roleplay if you are on a narrative-driven server that has factions and such.

Some notable metaverse projects that were built on Minecraft

More than a dozen projects are based on the 2011 videogame, with Minecraft world seed unfungible tokens selling for tens to thousands of dollars each.

NFT Worlds, for example, is a collection 10,000 unique Minecraft world NFTs. Each NFT is equipped with a “world seed”, which is a code that can generate a Minecraft world. With the help of verified builders, metaverse destinations can be hosted on a player’s server.

Uplift World, another Minecraft metaverse is a play to earn metaverse that was built on the WAX blockchain. It uses NFTs, and has a tokenized transportation railway system.

Enjin has been a key contributor to the Java SDK and EnjinCraft plugin for Minecraft metaverse. Enjin and Ethereum have been used to create a Minecraft metaverse. This gives us a glimpse into the future, as more developers add to Minecraft.

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