How to enhance DeFi security

It is not easy to create a cryptocurrency from scratch. This requires extensive knowledge in programming languages as well as knowledge about blockchain use cases. Tokens are a better option for those who want to start their own projects in crypto.

Tokens can be described as a crypto asset that is used to create projects on Ethereum. While a token might be compatible with all Ethereum-based assets that share the same token standard, it wouldn’t work with cross-chain crypto currencies.

Tokens allow one to create a blockchain-based business without having to start from scratch. But, it is not without its problems, such as legality and fees, and smart contract security.

Standard for crypto security

Platforms are more vulnerable to hacking than ever, with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) apps on the rise. Over $ billion in user losses has been caused by DeFi hacks in 2021. Token security is therefore more important than ever. These threats are not easily addressed.

Projects may not have the resources to hire contract developers. This could lead to them losing their funding. Security is essential for any industry that wants to become mainstream. Developers from all backgrounds should be able to create tokenized projects. The $361 million figure is likely to rise if security standards are not met.

Developers and projects need a simpler way to create token security. There are many blockchain projects that can help new developers. These platforms generate tokens with pre-built security standards so developers have a base.

Streamlined token creation

The token deployment decentralized app (DApp), allows users to create and deploy their tokens through a Web 3.0 wallet. The token would adhere to all standards on the blockchain they choose and take advantage of its efficiency and security.

Here are more insights about lossless

Lossless is the current project in this same form. It is a multichain protocol that prevents DeFi hacks by integrating a code into projects. Token creators are protected from fraudulent transactions by inserting the Lossless Code into their token.

Solution that is cost-free

Lossless works through the integration of hack-spotting bots created by users that stop suspicious transactions. White hat hackers who participate in the network create bots and earn rewards for each hack they find.

Lossless recently launched a Token Minter function for developers that allows them to create their own token smart contracts using the Ethereum (ETH), Polygon(MATIC) and Binance Smartchain (BSC). Users can start their tokens with confidence because the code of the project has been pre-audited. The Lossless’ token miner is free to use, and users will only need to pay the gas fee once to deploy contracts. The Minter can pay Hacken for a third party security audit.

Lossless tokens have a built-in code to activate upon launch of the Lossless security protocol. Lossless security features include the sleeper code.

This tool allows users to experiment with this security. It creates a token in a matter of minutes. This allows anyone to start building the foundation for their ideas. Lossless describes it as “a free-of-cost tool that anyone can use to create and deploy token contract on ETH, BSC, and Polygon.” Your contract will be ready in minutes. Start playing with it and experiment.

Learn more about Lossless

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