Honey, I orange-pilled the kids! BTC children’s authors on learning about money

Bitcoin is open to everyone. This includes children, teenagers, toddlers, and even newborns.

These kids will use Bitcoin (BTC) when they grow up. Therefore, it is “logical” to incorporate Bitcoin into education as soon as possible.

Scott Sibley (one-half of the couple behind Shamory Bitcoin and the Goodnight Bitcoin children’s bedtime books) says that this is the truth. He is one of a growing number of Bitcoin children’s author who are passionate about teaching children about Bitcoin and money.

Goodnight Bitcoin book. Source: SHAmory

Sibley and his wife believe that children can learn faster and more quickly than most people think.

This is why they created their Bitcoin bedtime story. It’s a story for infants that takes inspiration from the “plethora” of Goodnight books (Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Baseball). It also serves as a primer for their semi-educational game, SHAmory, about Bitcoin mining.

The Sibleys recognized a gap in product and content when it comes to fun and engaging ways for children and adults to learn Bitcoin. They are now bringing educational content beyond the books, podcasts and essays that Bitcoiners love.

“Financial education that includes Bitcoin will not be offered in traditional schools. It’s up to Bitcoin parents to find ways that they can incorporate this education at home.

Bitcoin for Kiddos book. Source: bitcoinforkiddos

Frieda and Chris Bobay are the creators of Bitcoin for Kiddos. They are another passionate couple who want to share their knowledge with “children about money early”, so that they can recognize it [uncorruptible cash] when it appears.”

They shared their thoughts with Cointelegraph

“We wanted our children to be exposed to Bitcoin early on so that they can feel more comfortable using it and talk about it later.”

They also said that money is taboo for most adults, but it doesn’t have to be. By teaching children about Bitcoin and inherently, money with books, it breaks down all social barriers and unlocks “an amazing learning experience for the entire family.”

Michael Caras, aka The Bitcoin Rabbi and author of Bitcoin Money – A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money complements the thoughts of other authors about finance and children. Cointelegraph spoke with him about the importance of teaching children how to save money, spend responsibly, and give back to charity.

Bitcoin money: A tale from Bitville Source: Amazon

He points out the unintended benefit of teaching children about Bitcoin – it’s also an “intro to adults.” Sibley says that children, just like adults, will be better off if they have been exposed and learn more about money. He adds:

“These are all questions about money that most people don’t think or learn about throughout their lives.”

Children don’t have the same biases as adults, so they may approach the decentralized monetary system with an open mind. The Bitcoin Rabbi extends this idea by sharing that “children understand Bitcoin’s digital aspects because they are digital natives.”

“People will be able to see Bitcoin as real money if they don’t have preconceived notions of how banks and traditional money work.”

The Bitcoin children’s books not only teach children (and their parents!) about Bitcoin, orange pilling them along the journey, but they also help to dismantle an enduring taboo, which is talking about money.

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