Here’s how the Akutars NFT project hopes to redefine how culture intersects with Web3

Creators have been abandoning their Web2 entities in droves since the NFT boom and are now more educated on how to make their Web3 business work.

Web3 is not only for technologists and artists. Ex-American professional baseball player Micah Johnson, for example, shifted to painting and concentrated his work on representation. Johnson’s first digital piece, “sa-v (@-)[email protected]” (pronounced “sovereignty”) was his debut. He was motivated by adversity and inspired by a question that would alter the course of his work.

Johnson’s 4 year-old nephew asked his mother, “Can astronauts ever be black?”

Alas, the main character in “Akuverse”, was created February 2021. Aku is the physical representation of the boldness and confidence of an astronaut in his dreams. Aku’s character challenges the idea that dreams are only for certain social identities.

Friday’s Twitter profile photos will be taken over by 15,000 avatars representing a black child astronaut. That’s important.
— Micah Johnson (@Micah_Johnson3) April 20, 2022

NFTs, or chapters, tell the story of Aku. They depict Aku’s journey through his dreams. Micah Johnson recently dropped 9,241 Akustar Mint Passes to Aku chapter owners. They are currently trading at 4.85 Ether ($14.331.65). Aku Mint Pass has amassed more than $13.4 million in the past 7 days as Akustars prepare to embark on their largest expedition yet.

Kutars may be more than a PFP

Akutars, the 3D 15,000 PFP collection from Akuverse, will also be available on the Ethereum blockchain. These images are intended to inspire and the comments made by collectors on Twitter prove that Aku’s story and imagery resonated with a wide range of NFT collectors.

“Base” Akutars. Which is your favorite?
— Aku :: Akutars (@AkuDreams) April 13, 2022

NFTgo data shows that 60% of diamond-hand investors held their Aku Mint Pass 60 for longer than one week, while only 30% of owners held it for less than one week.

Akutar Mint Pass holding period distribution. Source:

The volume of Akutar Mint Tickets has increased by 26% over the past 7 days, and the average sales price has risen by 89%.

Akutar Mint Pass 7-day avg. sale price / volume. Source: OpenSea

Akutars can be a symbol for confidence, courage, and style. This collection will include unique items and traits by some of the most prominent streetwear names like Pharrell Williams and Upscale Vandal, Billionaire Boys Club, ICECREAM and Puma. Akutars were also designed by Paper Planes, Roc Nation’s streetwear label and Who Decides War, a New York-based luxury label.

These strategic partnerships go beyond drip for Akutars. The PFP owners will receive a variety of perks, incentives, and real-life access to exclusive experiences, collaborations, and products.

Akutars’ uniqueness in comparison to other NFTs lies in its cultural significance and the impact his story has had on key players within the ecosystem, who want to make sure the story is heard.

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Are you ready to launch?

Visa announced on October 13th 2021 its partnership with Micah Johnson, and plans to continue supporting the creator economy and artist. Micah Johnson spoke to NBC about realizing that there was an audience saying “this is what we want in this world” through his supporters. They have supported the project by investing in its growth.

AkuDreams has accumulated over $60 million in volume sales within a single year across all ten Aku chapters NFTs, and Akutar Mint passes. Johnson also confirmed that Aku’s story would be turned into a feature film, where the Aku chapters (NFTs) might be featured in scenes.

As mentioned previously, 9,241 Aku Mint passes were distributed to each Aku chapter holder. 5,500 coins will be available to the public in a dutch sale on April 22.

Friday Akutar Public Sales // 2 PM EST 5,500 Price TBA. (1) Every 6 minutes, a drop of ETH is made. (3) The lowest price determines the price for everyone and….5E discount for Akutar Pass holders. Ex: 3 mints and 3 passes = 1.5E
— Aku :: Akutars (@AkuDreams) April 19, 2022

The auction’s lowest bid will determine the price. This is true dutch auction style. The lowest bid will be paid if it is higher than the lowest. NFT investors took to Twitter and praised the Dutch auction’s “actual” intention, suggesting that it is not properly executed by other projects using the same mechanism.

It is difficult to keep track of the increasing number and frequency of NFT auctions, drops and drops. Many go unnoticed. Moonbirds 2.5 Ether ($7385) lock-in bid looks like a bargain compared to the current price.

Investors pay attention to the history and reputation of a team. Akuverse could be a reflection of an evolution in which the community is more focused on diversity and inclusion than focusing on a brand, product or genre.

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