FOMO will drive crypto adoption in 2022, says BlockFi co-founder

Flori Marquez is the co-founder and chief custodian of BlockFi cryptocurrency. She stated that rising prices, new talent, and regulatory clarity will create a buoyant FOMO environment for crypto adoption in 2022. Marquez shared some insights about industry growth for 2021 in a Friday interview with Yahoo Finance.

Marquez stated that crypto is now “more digestible” than it was in 2016, and has been for many years. Marquez suggested that crypto has become “more digestible” for the average consumer than it was in 2016.

These statistics provide a positive foundation for growth in 2022, according to her. BlockFi research shows that one in 10 people will gift crypto this year and also add:

“About two thirds of Americans prefer talking about crypto.” If you look back at five years ago, only 1% had ever traded crypto and 50% had never heard about crypto five years prior.

BlockFi’s internal metrics also indicate a growing adoption. 75,000 people signed-up for the reward card in its first year. Marquez noted that this figure is “absolutely massive” because most fintech companies expect to see around 10,000 credit cards within their first year.

FOMO 2022 will be more interesting because of the revelation that Blockfi’s majority of clients receive BTC rewards, but they aren’t selling it for cash.

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These findings reflect wider adoption trends in the crypto space, especially among younger people. CNBC recently conducted a survey and found that 83% of Millennial millionaires own crypto. BlockFi clients are increasingly using “Hodling”, with 38% planning to keep it and only 6% aiming to reduce their exposure to crypto in the next year.

Marquez believes that the key to success in the crypto space is the celebration of the new regulations and the influx of talent. She said that crypto and fintech are huge draws for people looking to expand their career and learn new things.

“So I believe we will see more talent moving from more traditional industries to crypto and the fintech industry.” The last thing I expect to see in 2022 will be some regulatory clarity.

Families gather during the holidays, with Bitcoin (BTC) holding steady at above $48,000. This could create a long-awaited FOMO atmosphere that will drive adoption and prices in 2022.

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