Drake bets $1.3M in Bitcoin on Bengals vs. Rams Super Bowl match

Drake gambles more than $1,000,000 in Bitcoin (BTC), on Super Bowl matches, when he isn’t running through six with his woes.

Recently, the award-winning rapper shared that he had placed BTC bets totaling $1.26 Million on the Superbowl match between Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals.

The rapper placed a wager of over $471,000 on the cryptocurrency sports betting platform Stake for the Rams to win, including overtime. Drake expressed confidence in Odell Beckham Jr., the Rams wide receiver. Drake placed approximately $392,000 on Beckham Jr. receiving more than 62.5 yards, and an additional $392,000 on Beckham Jr. receiving over 0.5 touchdowns at any time.

Drake wrote “All bets on the family.” Beckham Jr. responded to Drake’s post, saying “It is time.” This provoked a response by Charles James, a Bengals fan and veteran football player. You just confirmed it! I’m Cincinnati! Burrow, for the win. Give us a number that is reasonable.”

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Beckham Jr. announced that he would accept his NFL salary in Bitcoin and promise to return $1 million to his fans. According to estimates, the player’s 2021 season earnings will reach $4.25million. A sports analyst claimed that Beckham Jr. suffered losses due to the recent market crash, as well as high taxes.

The National Football League will give away limited-edition, nonfungible tokens (NFT), to Super Bowl fans who will be in Los Angeles for the Super Bowl’s return on February 13. NFT will give a personalized digital keepsake to commemorate the game’s day. It features the unique row and section of each attendee.

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