Did rapper YG just flex a $30M Bitcoin stack in his new music video?

Keenon DequanRay Jackson, the rapper going by the name YG, appears to be showing off a $30 million stack Bitcoin (BTC).

The video features prominently a cold storage device from Ledger crypto wallet provider. Ledger’s social media team was also on it:

We are here to help! @YG can help you secure your #bitcoin bags… not with your keys and coins.
— Ledger (@Ledger), February 11, 2022

In the music video for “Scared Money”, J. Cole and Moneybagg Yo are seen holding a Ledger wallet near a smartphone that has a screen with a wallet app worth more than $30.6million.

Although the image could easily have been faked, rappers are known for showing off their wealth and success. This song, which features a theme about investing, spending money and wearing jewelry worth half a million dollars around one’s neck, is no exception.

YG is a strong advocate for Bitcoin. He has spoken out about digital gold ownership in several songs, including “Big Bank”, from 2018, as well as in an interview with RollingStone in mid-2021.

YG stated that he likes the simplicity of investing in crypto because he can do it without having to worry about his music career. He made comparisons to the real-estate market where he would need to work hard and learn how to succeed.

“I hate Bitcoin. […] I just got Ethereum and Dogecoin, but I have had Bitcoin for three years. […] Bitcoin was introduced and it was like “what?” and I can just do that and it turns into this?” he stated in reference to last year’s booming market price.

Reddit users were asking questions about YG’s massive BTC stack. AvoidMyRange stated that there was a very low chance of the coins ending at 0 and the cents ending at.00 in a Reddit post. This is clearly fake.

User AKeveryday replied, “It’s fake because that’s not even the layout for the ledger app.”

Others saw the humor in YG’s music-based BTC antics. Redditor Lexstell11 did the math and calculated the lyrics of the Big Bank song, when BTC was priced at the mid $7,000 mark.

“YG’s Big Bank song says that he might buy his red bottoms using crypto-3 coins that’ll cover your entire semester …’. The song was released 5/25/2018, when BTC was $7.459 close to the closing. YG would have paid $132,000 for a girl’s year at University of Phoenix, assuming that this was the conversion today. This is something I think about a lot.

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Over the years Crypto has attracted a large number of rappers, with icons like Jay Z and NFT bull Snoop Dogg making heavy plays in this sector. Meek Mill, who bought Dogecoin amid all the hype last year and Nas, who earlier in the year tokenized his music with NFTs, and Post Malone, who featured a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT NFT in one his recent music videos.

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