Crypto tattoos to the moon! Bitcoin and Doge ink searches doubled last year

Some crypto enthusiasts have the logo of their favorite cryptocurrency permanently etched on to their skin.

According to Crypto Head’s latest data, over 900 people have tattooed themselves with Bitcoin (BTC), while Dogecoin tattoos (DOGE) and Ethereum (ETH tattoos are increasing in popularity.

Research analyzed Instagram hashtags and Google search volumes, revealing that crypto tattoo searches have increased 222%. Even though there has been little in the way of price action, crypto enthusiasts are increasingly looking to get tattooed with a crypto logo.

My #bitcoinFreedom Tattoo is complete! Show me your #crypto tattoo as I want to make another one and need some inspiration #tattoo
— BTC Didi Taihuttu BTC ALLIN (@Diditaihuttu) March 21, 2022

Bitcoin tattoos were popularized by followers of the seminal cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, they have been around for nearly a decade and influential Bitcoiners were quick inking themselves. Didi Taihuttu was a Bitcoin showman who is also the father of Bitcoin Family. He was one of the first to adopt Bitcoin ink in 2017. His tattoo symbolizes freedom and not being part of the system.

Anita Posch is a Bitcoin author and podcaster. She has a lightning bolt tattooed to her forearm. In a German-language Bitcoin documentary, “Human B”, she explained that the tattoo “represents Energy”. Posch, a recipient of a Human Rights Foundation grant in Satoshis and a passionate advocate for lightning networks.

Anita Posch’s lightning tattoo on her right forearm. Youtube, Souce: Human B

Although Dogecoin ranks far below the top five cryptocurrency, it is still the most popular cryptocurrency tattoo search with 700 monthly searches. The Dogecoin hype is clearly waning in 2021.

A large peak in searches for Doge tattoos in early 2021 has since fallen (in red), despite Elon Musk, Doge’s biggest fan, continuing to popularize this currency.

Google Trends for Crypto Tattoo Searches Source: Google

Some Dogecoin tattoos that you see on Instagram are also a deviation from the original Shiba Inu logo.

Dogecoin tattoo. Source: Instagram

In Instagram posts, there are only six images of Ethereum’s logo, an octahedron-shaped geometric figure, being tattooed. NFT tattoos, which were popularised by the Ethereum blockchain, have gained in popularity.

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During the peak in NFT tattoos in the late 2021 -as seen on the Google Trends graph – one Lazylion NFT collector stated that if the floor price of the Lazylions reached 2 ETH they would tattoo themselves.

Lines done. Black shading time… then color. LFR!! !#nft #nfts #LazyLions @Lazylionsnft
Do NOT CMPLY (@AR_ON_tweets October 27, 2021).

The ink will remain permanent even though the Lazy Lions’ floor price drops to 1.5ETH in March 2021.

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