BTC wholecoiners up by 40K since June crash began

Smaller Bitcoin (BTC), investors have seized the opportunity to buy their favorite cryptocurrency during the crypto slump. Since the June slump, the number of “wholecoiners” has risen by 40,000.

LookIntoBitcoin reports that the number of BTC “wholecoiners,” has steadily increased since January 31st, when the BTC price was about $38,000.

Bitcoin’s price dropped by around 27% in May, and another 40% in June. This month also saw 25,389 new Bitcoin wallets, each holding at least one full Bitcoin.

BTC’s current price is $23,035, which is 64% lower than its ATH of $64,400 November 2021. The number of wholecoiners currently stands at an all-time high at 891,346 on August 1, 2022.

Lark Davis, crypto investor, told his followers on Twitter Monday that “a lot” of people were hitting their entire coin goal!

Since the crash, there have been about 40,000 more wallet addresses that hold at least one #bitcoin. Many people have reached their entire coin goal!
Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark), August 2, 2022

The data indicates that wallets with more than 10 BTC, 100BTC or 1000BTC have begun to decrease, or even disappear, during this same period.

Since May, wallet addresses with more 10 BTC increased by 600, addresses with over 100 BTC declined by 125 and wallets with more 1,000 BTC fell by 113.

Source: LookIntoBitcoin

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