Bitty Kitty: Cat spoils Bitcoin node during price crash with ‘dirty protest’

A Bitcoin node (or Bitcoin) is an essential piece of the Bitcoin protocol. Bad actors can attack nodes and bring them offline to weaken the network’s resilience. One British Bitcoiner experienced such an attack, because his feline friend made his Bitcoin node “unreachable”.

Bodl_hodler, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Cointelegraph that January 2021 was the first day he started running Raspberry Pi as Umbrel Node. He wanted to help the overall decentralization and growth of Bitcoin.

Below is a photo of the node in question prior to the attack. The air vents at the node are a key element in the story.

Bodl’s Bitcoin Node. Source: @Bodl_Hodl

Since connection, the node was running smoothly. It confirmed Bitcoin blocks approximately every 10 minutes according to the difficulty adjustment. Bodl tried to log in to the node in May 2022 but it was not found.

“So I took it out from under the sofa to find it covered in a crusty layer made of baked on cat sick.”

Bodl was shocked to discover that Pablo, his large black cat had vomited on Bitcoin node. The node was unable to connect to the internet or run because of the “dirty protest”. Bodl says, “The vomit got past the vent slots and took over the node.”

Pablo, the Bitcoin node attacker and cat. Source: Bodl

If a Bitcoin node is offline, it can no longer contribute to the network’s security, which could potentially compromise the Bitcoin protocol. Bodl jokes that Pablo mistakenly believed it was running a dog-themed cryptocurrency and couldn’t stomach the volatility. Bodl is a Bitcoin maximist and has no time to spend on Dogecoin (DOGE).

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It is easy to turn off the node and catch the missing blocks. Bodl stated that he had “removed power and plugged it in again. It powered on fine and only took a few minutes for it to re-sync so it could add the missing blocks.”

Instantly, the node was brought back to life. It confirmed transactions and secured the network. Due to the frequency of Bitcoin blocks, “Tick tock,” is a common catchphrase among node-runners.

It is becoming easier to run a BTC Node and allow Bitcoin users to verify their transactions. Bitcoin enthusiasts can now operate Lightning nodes and earn passive income. Pablo is now accompanied by Lottie, a kitten who recently joined the Bodl clan.

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