Bitcoin runs the world: Traveling to 40 countries in 400 days with BTC

One fast-moving Bitcoiner ran through seven of the 40 countries in his Bitcoin-powered marathon around world.

Paco de la India (also known as Paco the Runner) set out on Sept. 17, 2021. He paid for the entire trip with Bitcoiners all over the world. He is proving that Bitcoin allows everyone to live the life they want.

Sats buys an icicle early in his journey. Source: Twitter

Paco changed his life from living a lie on the fiat scale to traveling the globe using Bitcoin (BTC). This was only possible after a friend gave him The Bitcoin Standard. After reading, he began to converse with friends about money.

Cointelegraph told him that once you see it, it’s impossible to unsee it. He had been orange pilled:

“It was a full Moon night, and my friend asked me if I wanted to travel the world. I answered “Yes.” He said you must travel with Bitcoin.”

Paco’s travel plans changed from that point onwards into a “Bitcoin Awareness, Mass Adoption, and Showing the Kindness of Humans” campaign. Through travel vlogs, and social media updates, he documents his journey and each Bitcoin transaction.

He wants to “share Bitcoin” with people from all walks of life. It is a great feeling to be able share the value of bitcoin in comparison to other shitcoins with everyone.

He has so far been able to live off BTC in seven of the seven countries he visited. He uses only “cash for public transportation.” The Bitcoin-only journey was not without its challenges.

He lost his room keys while visiting Sri Lanka and the owner of the hotel was furious.

“I asked for a spare copy, ran to a nearby town, but there was no electricity. It finally arrived and I asked him if he would accept Bitcoin. LIKE WHAT? BITCOIN KEY MAKER”

Paco holding the room key that he bought with Sats. Source: Twitter

He also recalls his arrival at Koh Samui, Thailand’s island well-known for its anti-Bitcoin sentiment. It was a 100-kilometer-long island that Paco was afraid of. As Paco began to panic, he thought to himself, “How am I going to survive on such an enormous island without any money?”

He began to walk the island, and within 200 meters he saw a sign that stated the location accepts Bitcoin. It was like the universe conspired to make this happen.

There’s also:

“I was on a train in India, and my neighbor had a Trust account. He gave me a few sats and bought me dinner. I convinced a guide in India to accept Bitcoin. I paid Bitcoin for the pub crawl in Cambodia.

There are many more: a Cambodian banana bread baker, haircuts, burgers and Tuk-tuk drivers, Dentists, even a “silver coins” purchased with Bitcoin.

All paid with Bitcoin: A Tuktuk and a Guide, as well as Banana Bread in Siem Reap (Cambodia), Source: Twitter

Although it is not an easy task, Paco suggests that other Bitcoin travellers who are interested in traveling the world with Bitcoin should start small.

“Orange pill your neighbor, your favorite shop, bar, cinema, start sharing your sats. They will learn a lot from someone like you. You can be that pebble in the lake, and it will cause ripples that will benefit future generations.

Paco will be running around the globe, meeting pre-coiners and Bitcoiners, while still spending Sats. He concluded that “every step you make now will shape your destiny.”

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