Bitcoin Lightning Network capacity crosses 3900 BTC marking a new ATH

The Bitcoin (BTC) underlying architecture has not been affected by the current bear market. It continues to outperform itself, further decentralizing, speeding up and securing the impassible peer-to-peer network. The same applies to the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN).

According to data from Bitcoin Visuals and evidenced by the Bitcoin Lightning Network’s record of 3915.776 BTC, the network has an unprecedented capacity. This demonstrates a commitment towards the goal of increasing BTC transaction speeds and lowering fees over the layer-2 protocol.

All channels combined cumulative Bitcoin capacity Source: BitcoinVisuals node

Bitcoin LN was implemented in the Bitcoin mainnet for the first time in 2018. It was intended to fix Bitcoin’s notorious scaling issues. Since then, it has been able continue its upward trajectory of increasing its capacity.

However, the climb was interrupted temporarily by a 7.7% drop in LN capacity on April 18 — from 3687.051 BTC to 3402.273 BTC within a week. The network resilience of the drop was demonstrated by its quick recovery to 3718.351 BTC in May 2.

Bitcoin Lightning Network statistics. Source: 1ml

Statistics data from 1ml also show that the Bitcoin Lightning Network continues to grow in parallel with Bitcoin’s global adoption drive.

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Redditor’s data-driven prediction points to a major disruption in the crypto industry that will see it move away from bridging L1 and L2 blockchains. The OP:

L2 adoption is taking place now, even though it’s slow and only in small bursts. L2’s are making improvements behind the scenes. They are decreasing fees and increasing accessibility. L2’s continue to grow and improve, which is fantastic.

Cointelegraph reported previously that L2 scaling solutions use L1 security to process multiple transactions in one package.

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