Binance Card users now have access to XRP, SHIB and AVAX

Binance announced Friday that the Binance Card now supports three additional altcoins. Cardholders now have access to their Ripple (XRP), Shiba Iu (SHIB), and Avalanche(AVAX) holdings.

Binance Card holders can “convert and use cryptocurrencies in more than 60 million online and offline stores.” However, it is not available to European citizens or, according to the website to Ukrainian refugees. Binance originally planned to expand its reach into Ukraine this year, prior to the conflict in Ukraine.

The card now supports 14 cryptocurrencies including Cardano, AVAX and Binance Coin (BNB), Bitcoin, Bitcoin (BTC), Binance USD/BUSD, Polkadot(DOT), Ethereum (ETH), S.S. Lazio Fan Tokens (LAZIO), FC Porto Fan Tokens (PORTO), Santos FC Fan Tokens (SANTOS), SHIB (SXP), Swipe (SXP), USDT (USDT), and XRP

The current payment preferences of those who already use the Binance Card will not be affected by any new additions to supported crypto.

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This news comes just one day after Binance announced a partnership with Mastercard in order to provide prepaid cards to Argentina. In an effort to expand payment options for Binance users, the two financial service providers will work together.

Clients from Argentina will be able use BTC and BNB to purchase and withdraw wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Wirex has added AVAX to the already extensive list of currencies it offers on its crypto card. Users can pay in fiat or cryptocurrencies in the platform.

In partnership with Mastercard, Nexo also launched a crypto card. The project was announced by Nexo in 2019, but it finally came to fruition nearly three years later. It is similar to the Binance Card but only for residents of certain European countries.

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