Arbitrum network suffers minor outage due to hardware failure

Arbitrum, the Ethereum layer 2 network has experienced its second outage in five months after a hardware failure.

Arbitrum is online again at the time this article was written, but the team reported some downtime in the late hours Jan. 9. It appears that the network was offline for approximately seven hours based on the timing of the tweets.

Offchain Labs reported at the time that there were issues with the sequencer, which prevented transactions from processing for the period.

Unfortunately, Sequencer is currently down. We appreciate your patience while we restore Sequencer. We will keep you posted on any updates.
— Arbitrum (@arbitrum), January 9, 2022

Arbitrum published a post mortem on Jan. 10 explaining the cause of the short outage. It stated that the core problem was a hardware failure at our main Sequencer node. Additionally, it explained that ongoing software updates had caused backup Sequencer redundancies to fail that would otherwise take control.

When it encounters Sequencer issues, the network will fall back to layer 1, Ethereum to process transactions. It stated, however that all transactions had been confirmed by the Sequencer before it went offline. The Sequencer prevented 284 transactions from being posted on the Ethereum chain.

Although this was a minor issue in the grand scheme, the team reminded users that the network remains in beta.

“The Arbitrum network remains in beta and we will continue to use this moniker for as long as there is centralization in the system.”

The team concluded that they were working to further decentralize the network using a “twofold path to minimize Sequencer downtime”. This will be implemented in the coming weeks, and months.

Arbitrum experienced a similar Sequencer failure in mid-September. The problem was caused by a bug that prevented the system from executing large batches of transactions within a short time.

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Arbitrum is an Ethereum layer-2 network that uses Optimistic rollups for batch transactions to speed up and lower processing costs. After a $120 million funding round, it was launched as Arbitrum 1 in September.

Arbitrum, according to L2beat layer 2 data platform, is currently the most used layer 2 network with a total value of $2.57 Billion. This gives it a 47% market share in L2 markets.

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