After promoting Bitcoin merch discount, Mark Cuban praises BTC monetary policy

During a Christmas rally that has pushed the Bitcoin all time high mark ever greater, a set of recent tweets show that a previous critic of the digital currency is continuing to take steps towards a full-blown hodler conversion: billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban. The Tweet came on December 23rd, when Cuban announced that fans buying Mavericks gear would receive a 25% discount when they utilized Bitcoin to make their purchase. Oddly enough, however, the report Cuban connected to instead said that purchasers who buy more than $150 worth of equipment using Bitcoin would receive a $25 present card, and did not discuss a 25% discount: Want to spend your $BTC someplace … Spend it with the Mavs and get a 25 percent discount for using Bitcoin!— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) December 23, 2020
Many have actually explained coming around to Bitcoins virtues as a store-of-value as a procedure and not an occasion, nevertheless, and Cuban seems to be taking the requisite steps. In a Tweet simply today, Cuban appeared to praise Bitcoins programmatic financial policy, saying that openly traded business would be wise to restrict their share inflation: Public business ought to learn a lesson from BItcoin and devote to not release new shares of stock.– Mark Cuban (@mcuban) December 27, 2020
Its a positive remark thats part of a continuous, years long about-face that has landed Cuban on Cointelegraphs list of Bitcoin critics who have withered in 2020. Still, hodlers should beware about completely inviting another member into their ranks. As he progresses in his journey towards tough money, Cuban has actually expressed ridicule for what he thinks to be “spiritual” zealotry amongst holders wishing for a doomsday scenario, and in yet another tweet today, its a style he appeared to riff on, pretending to be one of the faithful: Blasphemous I say, simply Blasphemous!— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) December 21, 2020Title: After promoting Bitcoin merch discount rate, Mark Cuban applauds BTC financial policySourced From: Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2020 20:25:52 +0000

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